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Next Gen Leadership Team

What is the Next Gen Leadership team?

The Next Gen Leadership team is a unique opportunity to play a key role in developing a sense of community and belonging among Next Gen in Strathcona County. As part of the Next Gen leadership team you will help plan events and initiatives, lead and have a voice in your community, mobilize change, and shape the future of Strathcona County. 

Consider Joining the Next Gen Leadership team if...

  • You identify as a youth and/or young adult.

  • You are passionate about leading and creating change in Strathcona County to support Next Gen

  • You want to develop leadership skills, build relationships and a network, and have fun!

If you don't identify as a youth, young adult, and/or don't live in Strathcona County, you still might be able to get involved! Strathcona County Next Gen focuses its efforts, resources, and initiatives on Strathcona County but we welcome help from nearby communities and local organizations.

Positions, Roles and Responsibilities

Youth and young adults are the leaders here! You will be helping to determine the exact roles and positions that will make up the Next Gen leadership team. Roles can be created based on your strengths, interests and areas you want to build skills in and based on conversations with you about what roles you think are needed to create the action you want to see in the community. Examples of roles and responsibilities could include events lead, communications lead, youth liaison, young adult liaison, etc.  

  • We anticipate an approximately once-a-month meeting commitment. 

  • We anticipate that there will be opportunities to volunteer to contribute additional time to help plan specific events, initiatives, etc.

  • We're a group that's always evolving so don't expect to be doing the same thing everyday.

"Where do I sign up?!"

Simply tap the little button below and it'll take you straight to our Next Gen Leadership sign-up form.


We know that this can all sound like a lot of commitment. If this all still sounds interesting to you but you aren't too sure about the level of commitment, responsibility, or anything else, anyone is welcome to stop by one of our Next Gen Leadership team meetings to check things out. Our meetings are open to everyone and, if you're not interested in getting involved further or coming back, it's all good! 

Contact Us!

Got a cool idea to share? Have questions, feedback, or just want to say hi? Want to tell us about this really cool cloud you saw?

We want to hear it all! 

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Start a conversation using our website chat service! If no one is currently available, we'll get back to you as soon as we can!

For Business Inquiries:

Please message our Next Gen Ambassador for all business-related inquiries. We are always interested in more resources, opportunities, and information for Strathcona County youth and young adults. 

Xander Laird | Pronouns: (Any)

Phone Number: 780-264-4326 (direct)
Office Address: #200, 401 Festival Lane, Sherwood Park, AB
Mailing Address: #200, 501 Festival Avenue, Sherwood Park, AB T8A 4X3

Please note that Strathcona County Next Gen primarily serves Strathcona County. While we do accept help from organizations outside of Strathcona County, our efforts and initiatives are focused within the county.

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