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Our Mission

Who is Strathcona County Next Gen?

We are a youth-serving youth-led group!

Strathcona County Next Gen is an initiative brought through collaboration between community partners. We are a group driven to motivate and support the youth and young adults in Strathcona County by providing them with a platform to lead and inspire change, to connect and build, and to shape the future of Strathcona County.

Our Story...

  •  2019: Strathcona County commissioned a consulting firm to conduct a Youth Needs and Assets Assessment (YNAA). The YNAA explored existing opportunities for youth and young adults in the County between the ages of 14-29 while identifying areas for improvement. 

  • The overarching recommendation was to create a community-led collaborative youth strategy to guide the implementation of recommendations, including youth and young adult representation.

  • 2020: Youth-serving organizations within the community were invited to participate on the Youth Strategy Steering Committee. 

  • To adhere to the principle of "nothing about us without us," the Next Gen initiative was established as a means to engage self-identified youth and young adults to help create the change they would like to see in Strathcona County! 

Check Out Strathcona County's Strategy for Next Gen!

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